Monday, November 22, 2021

Fantastic Names From The Past: 1901-1902 Edition

120 years ago, Washington State University was called the Washington Agricultural College and School Of Science. Personally, I prefer the former name. It's almost as fantastic as the names of some of the students who attended the school circa 1901-1902!

Problematic yearbook name... not so fantastic.

But before we get to the fantastic student names, I have one question to ask...

Why did the children of the 1990s never get referred to as the Naughty-Ones? It's so delightfully absurd. We totally should've claimed it.

Oh well. 

Meanwhile, Grace Lula Coburn? Not a bad name at all. But it just isn't nearly as fantastic as these ones...

Solon Shedd

Walter Dibble Plough

Eleazor Darrow

Roscoe E. Swank

Charlotte Malotte

Cleo B. Corner

Fred Ford Flanders

Beattie Cordiner

Leah Bean

Elsworth Thorp

Ethel Espy

Guy Sargent

Sofus B. Nelson

Adam Duncan Dunn

Weltha Webster

Lucyle Hogaboam

Milton P. McCroskey

And my choices for the top 3 most fantastic names...

Charles Centennial Carlisle

J. Sweetheart McDonald

and (read it aloud...)

John Storrs Cotton


Well, congratulations kids of the early 20th century. 

Not that you're reading this... since I assume, if you are still alive, it's only because you're this guy...

Please don't be that guy.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

A 1930's Child's Scrapbook (1936-1937)

Eighty-five years old this year, this leather-bound time capsule is filled with all manner of goodies... newspaper clippings, bubble gum cards, art, nature pictures, comic strips, and photos of grumpy kittens dressed in clothes. I don't know who this child was, but I'm guessing they were around 8-12 when they compiled this fantastic collection. I am forever in their debt.

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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Fantastic Names From The Past: 1938-1939 Edition

 Yes, folks, it's true! We've got more yearbooks, and with them comes more fantastic names! These are the names of actual people who graduated from Portland, Oregon-area schools between 1938 and 1939. If they're still alive, they'd be about 100 today. But since they're probably not (sorry, fact of life), let's honor their memory by celebrating their fabulous monikers!

Myrtle Church

Robertson Cook

Florence Fishburn

Haig Dinihanian

Ina Ingham

Luella Leasy

Jack Ripley

Dick Tunzat

Lloyd Bertoglio

Madean Boss

Ardythe Russell

LaVerne Girvan

Hilda Hartwig

Violet Oulbelgian

Merritt Meadows

Rosebud DuPius

Gildo Salta

Velma Bump

Elery Newcomer

Bertha Baker

Granville McCormick

Bob Bulger

Luella Bloss

Leroy Parsley

Boneta Bonner

Estella Royal

Belle Fontaine

Rosalie Looney

Olive Bridenbecker

Margie Wark

Paul Wahl

Vernalta Pomeroy

Suzzanne Maskot

Stanley Wornstaff

Maxine Killer

Elmer Abplanalp

Tushie Tanabe

Freeman Fowler


MY TOP 10 NAMES FROM 1938-1939

10. Manley Miles

9. Maryolive Snarr

8. Allegra DesVoignes

7. Dorothy Van Doozer

6. Laverta Nofziger

5. Berle Clifton DeLashmutt

4. Hulbert Sipple

3. Gaynor Petrequin

2. Hoyt Boatright


1. Valorice Vivian Billups