Sunday, April 24, 2022

Lost & Found: A Box Of Slides From the 1960s

 It's not unusual to run across vintage photos and slides while pawing through the GoodWill Bins. I sometimes come home with photos. But slides have, in the past, been a bit harder to commit to. What am I going to do with them, make art? Then, last year, I bought a digital scanner for photo negatives and slides. Aha! The sudden ease... the possibilities!

Last fall I brought home a small box of 1960s-era slides. Some of the shots are definitely better than others, but I'm including them all here, because even the blurry ones capture a moment in time that may be significant to some.

Chicago is represented in many of these photos (Wrigley Building Restaurant, National Boulevard Bank of Chicago, Wendella Boat Rides, Park Place Motor Inn, Bill Thomas' Restaurant, Park Place, the Chicago Tribune.) Take note of the vintage cars and the people's clothing! Ah, 1960s, if only I'd known thee....

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Fantastic Names From The Past: An Index

 Fantastic Names From The Past: Index

1901-1902 - Washington Agricultural College (now WSU) Yearbook

(Charles Centennial Carlisle, J. Sweetheart McDonald, John Storrs Cotton)

1907 - Pullman, Washington High School Yearbook

(Ward Squires, Grover Gentry, Merle Stallcop)

1924-1926 Portland, Oregon Yearbooks

(Carolyn Octolony Jones, Boatner Chamberlain, Adelaide Embody)

1938 & 1939 - Portland, Oregon Yearbooks

(Gaynor Petrequin, Hoyt Boatright, Valorice Vivian Billups)

1949-1951 - Washington (State) Yearbooks

(Lois LeNell Dunnihoo, Commodore George Gaither, Asa Elmore Seeds)

1957-1958 - Long Beach, California Yearbooks

(Wincie Yeargain, Corliss Filbert, Dick Elliott Doody)

1974 & 1976 Portland, Oregon Yearbooks 

( Jennings Gallup, Treondus Morman, Semler Nudelman)

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Fantastic Names From The Past: 1974-1976 Edition

Here are some truly exceptional names that I plucked out of two Portland, Oregon yearbooks from 1974 and 1976....

Zeno Craft

Caron Pouncil

Yvonne Yourston

Andres Angeles

Shelley Shelamer

Daisy Weatherspoon

Walton Berton

Mark Marcus

John Bondurant

Susan Boos

Denise Lafromboise

Luellen Montesdeoca

Carla Pickthorne

Sarah Sessions

Job York

Jolie Gray

Coco Campbell

Kelly Gosgriffe

Antigone Pappas

Bradley Butterfield

Donna Day

April Yazzie

Yost Edward Wikander

Pinkie Easley

Wade Moosman

Ellon Lavelle Manly

Ekatarini Kapelakis

Roger Sause

Marcus Bordcosh

Gil Flowers

Candy Wallwork

Aren't those great? But it gets better! Here are my picks for the TOP 10 Fantastic Names Of 1974-1976...

10. C. Little

9. Princess Maddox

8. Armster Crawford

7. Dansen Fritzler

6. Noel Christmas

5. Thodora Marxer

4. Caprice Duckworth

3. Jennings Gallup

2. Treondus Morman


1. Semler Nudelman

If Google ever brings any of you folks here, welcome. Your name is fantastic.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Glossy Time Capsules (Vintage Magazine Fun!)

 Over on my other blog, I have an ongoing series called Glossy Time Capsules, where I go through vintage magazines and study/ponder over/laugh at the things within. Sound interesting? You can find an index of all the magazines I've covered so far HERE!

Monday, November 22, 2021

Fantastic Names From The Past: 1901-1902 Edition

120 years ago, Washington State University was called the Washington Agricultural College and School Of Science. Personally, I prefer the former name. It's almost as fantastic as the names of some of the students who attended the school circa 1901-1902!

Problematic yearbook name... not so fantastic.

But before we get to the fantastic student names, I have one question to ask...

Why did the children of the 1990s never get referred to as the Naughty-Ones? It's so delightfully absurd. We totally should've claimed it.

Oh well. 

Meanwhile, Grace Lula Coburn? Not a bad name at all. But it just isn't nearly as fantastic as these ones...

Solon Shedd

Walter Dibble Plough

Eleazor Darrow

Roscoe E. Swank

Charlotte Malotte

Cleo B. Corner

Fred Ford Flanders

Beattie Cordiner

Leah Bean

Elsworth Thorp

Ethel Espy

Guy Sargent

Sofus B. Nelson

Adam Duncan Dunn

Weltha Webster

Lucyle Hogaboam

Milton P. McCroskey

And my choices for the top 3 most fantastic names...

Charles Centennial Carlisle

J. Sweetheart McDonald

and (read it aloud...)

John Storrs Cotton


Well, congratulations kids of the early 20th century. 

Not that you're reading this... since I assume, if you are still alive, it's only because you're this guy...

Please don't be that guy.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

A 1930's Child's Scrapbook (1936-1937)

Eighty-five years old this year, this leather-bound time capsule is filled with all manner of goodies... newspaper clippings, bubble gum cards, art, nature pictures, comic strips, and photos of grumpy kittens dressed in clothes. I don't know who this child was, but I'm guessing they were around 8-12 when they compiled this fantastic collection. I am forever in their debt.

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